Monday, February 06, 2006

Radio a dying medium

The sad state of American media keeps plummeting downward with each passing day.

Being a fan of radio because of its mystique and unique place in modern history makes me shudder when I read about the massive cutbacks which are an attempt, seemingly, to eliminate any local presence altogether.

Sure, at first, when Clear Channel and others along the lines of CBS Radio and Cumulus were growing their radio holdings by leaps and bounds, they justifiably made cutbacks. Thing could be run a bit more on the lean side and profits would increase. These businesses which were running in a rather backwoods way were run rather sloppily, some would contend, by their former owners. It seemed that the cutbacks were simply a way of trimming the fat and throwing out the dead weight.

Now reports have surfaced whom the purchasor of ABC's/Disney's radio holdings is. The early favorite among few front-runners was Citadel Communications. What their intentions are now that they have acquired these properties remains to be seen but one can only assume that it will mean more cutbacks of some very tightly run but profitable and likeable radio stations.

In time, with Clear Channel leading the charge, will there be more than a handful of even major-market stations with local on-air staffs? Will terrestrial radio have even less localization than satellite radio? Will traditional radio even exist or will the radio you listen to be funnelled with networks providing the content much in the same way that TV stations are run?

On that note, I leave you with a link to Elvis Costello's infamous song, Radio, Radio.

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