Wednesday, February 22, 2006

President denies knowledge, blindly backs sale of ports

In a blatant attempt to plead ignorance, today president Bush had his talking heads explain to the members of the media that the president knew nothing of the deal behind the transfer of six American ports to a government-owned company based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. A company which recently bought American railroad company CSX whom the new Treasury Secretary, Snow, had a sizeable interest in.

If Bush truly didn't know of this sale, though, how uninformed is the man who is supposed to be our nation's leader? Would any other past president allowed such a deal to transpire and firmly support it in a world where terror is supposedly around every corner? This blind support from the same man who ran in the 2004 election with a paltform of securing our borders and continuing to fight terror seems rather wrong.

How many voters, if they knew what would transpire after the 2004 election, would have voted in another direction? Honestly, I don't think anything he has done would change the mind of a single voter. Americans, by nature, stand behind their leader if they voted for him. Once the president's true character is shown, it leads to differing opinions for some but others saw trouble comng from day one as Bush appointed not the best people for the cabinet positions but his close group of friends and business partners. He truly did keep his friends close and is now essentially keeping his enemies even closer by allowing a country from a nation whose distaste for everything American is ather apparrent.

Maybe, though, we will see absolutely no ill effects from this sale of our nation's ports but is it a risk we really want to undertake? Do we feel any safer as a nation since hurriedly invading Iraq while the job in Afghanistan seems to have faded in importance? Do we really want ANY foreign nation to own and staff a major entry point into our country? Would we want North Korea to own and staff the ports on our nation's Pacific coast?

(Today's planned topic, root beer, will still make an appearance though at a later date. Thought you'd like to know.)

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