Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Ports for sale, get your ports here!

In yet another case of employment outsourcing, today it was announced that the security of six our nation's largest ports (two of which are ports handling most of our country's military traffic) would be sold to a private firm by the name of DP World. While I do not object to the sale of any company in private hands, I do object to this sale due to the simple fact that the company purchasing the six ports is based in a foreign country known as the United Arab Emirates.

If you don't know where UAE is located, it sits on the Persian Gulf very near to Saudi Arabia.

The problem with this sale, though, is that a foreign country will also be in charge of security at these ports. Ports are already notorious for their essentially non-existent security and this sale surely won't lead to an increase in security at the most porous portion of our nation's borders. While I am not singling out Arab-populated nations, the thought of a antion such as this having control over whom they hire and how they patrol these ports of entry is rather unnerving.

Even more unnerving is the fact the the United States' new Treasury Secretary has some business interest in this deal and, regardless of how great the opposition is, president Bush has vowed to veto (first time in his presidency) any legislation blocking the sale of the ports.

It is just another case of Bush looking out for his buddies while his promise of strengthening our borders sits on the back burner.

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