Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Local blogger sports hard-on for columnist

In a disturbing 'valentine' love letter penned by local Powerline whiner, Scott Johnson (AKA Big Trunk) professes his love for Star-Tribune conserva-columnist Katherine Kersten and her right-wing approved agenda piece in a recent edition criticizing the Strib for not publishing the Muhammed cartoons which have been the talk of the globe for the past few weeks.

Ya know what Kersten, it's ultimately the paper's choice. You are an employee of said newspaper and should be thankful they gave you a job which moved you from behind the scenes to the front burner of both praise and criticism. While you

And it is all too apparent that the Big Trunk also has something else swelling (not just his heart) which shows his feelings for Kersten. I hope I am not the only one who finds this odd to say the least. I don't know that I have ever penned a 'love letter' to someone based solely on their political leanings and had it published for all to see. I can see it now, Kersten's face turning twelve shades of red beneath her home-permed, tightly curled rat's nest of hair and Big Trunk drooling like a caveman as he sits pantsless reading 'Kathy's' column each and every day it is published and kissing her grainy black and white mug shot.

Now that I have made myself nauseous, I will go puke. Happy belated Valentine's day.

Oh, and here's that disturbing love letter I spoke of...

Scott W. Johnson
After picking up degrees in business and law, Katherine Kersten set about slaying dragons in her spare time. When Minnesota's state board of education proposed a metropolitan desegregation plan featuring racial quotas, Kathy wrote a 100-page study demonstrating that the plan was a recipe for disaster. She stopped it dead in its tracks. When the state board of education then proposed a "diversity rule" with a Marxist curriculum and more quotas, she raised a ruckus in one of her biweekly opinion columns in the Minneapolis Star Tribune. This time she not only killed the rule; she also put the board of education out of its misery. In a stunning sequel to the controversy she had instigated over the "diversity rule," the Minnesota legislature abolished the board. Kathy is now a metro columnist for the Strib. Last week she addressed the paper's handling of the cartoon controversy: "[M]any newspapers[] insist that the cartoons violate their standards. The Star Tribune described them as 'purposefully sacrilegious' and has declined to reprint them. Many Christian readers will be watching to see if standards differ the next time a cartoonist turns his sights on evangelical Christians or the Catholic Church." Don't you love her too? — Scott Johnson blogs at

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