Monday, February 06, 2006

Lemme see your grills

In a world of excess and tremendous divide between the average citizens and the stars the average citizens worship, the divide grew greater last night.

That's right, after the Superbowl, the greatest of all the excessive sporting events in the world where advertisers shell out $2.5 million bucks for thirty seconds of airtime for commercials, which by definition, will never recoup the outlay of capital, the MVP of the 40th Superbowl was given a Cadillac Escalade.

This should match nicely with the four or five already in his expansive garage. I am sure he is looking at this new possession and wondering if he should drive this one on the tenth or twelfth of the month. Those were the only days which didn't have their own automobiles yet.

Not to mention the excess he will likely purchase with the monetary bonuses given to him for winning the game.

I see grills in his future. Oral bling for the insanely rich. My day for grills is coming in the very distant future. A great showpiece for those who want to display their wealth when they smile. Grills also make a great hand-me-down to your children.

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