Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Incest reigns supreme, civil unions likely out

In an effort to detract from the actual issues of health care and energy independence, our legislators instead will push for a constitutional ammendment in November of this year to ban same-sex civil unions. This comes on the heels of a discovery that a law still on the books in Minnesota allows uncles to marry their nieces, aunts to marry their nephews and first cousins to tie the knot.

The author linked to above has a point in saying that this is nothing more than a giant distraction used to keep us arguing on small, rather insignificant issues in the overall scheme of things rather than focus on the issues which affect us on a daily basis. Let same-sex couples marry. Let them adopt children. They can be just as loving, if not more loving, than their hetero counterparts. Sure beats the hell out of cousin-fuckers getting hitched up in Stearns county and birthing children who will have the mental capacity, when mature, of the family's pet pig whom they also have 'relations' with.

Three cheers for big government in their likely successful efforts to further the cause of incestuous relationships in Minnesota and banning unions which, in comparison, are far healthier and three more cheers for keeping us focused on issues which play no part in our futures on this planet. Why should we ever focus on something as trivial as healthcare? Who the hell would ever need that?

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