Monday, February 20, 2006

I still hate the Olympics; curling better than 'Idol'

As I flipped through channels on our paltry cable system this evening, I wondered aloud why during the traditional television sweeps month of February there were few to no new episodes of the normal shows to be had. Maybe it is because television seems to be in the crapper but it may be attributed to another reason.

Then it clicked that it might be because of NBC and their affiliated cable stations' coverage of the 2006 Winter Olympics in Torino, Italy. While I don't remember what the television situation was during the 2002 Salt Lake City Olympic games, I am rather sure it was the same but my memory suffers a lapse because I simply don't care about the olympics. Except for curling. At my last job I would purposely stay late to watch the curling competition with the sports editor as he killed time until the night's sporting events. Curling, by definition of some, isn't even close to a sport but it's just fucking awesome to watch as a guy polishes the ice in front of a heavy stone to gain points (and apparently I'm no tthe only one to enjoy watching the pseudo-sport).

So, there was my proof. Even as the Olympic games began, they forged head first toward the top of the ratings held back only by FOX's 'American Idol' which, this week, is seen three separate nights (Tuesday-Thursday) and the majority of teh FOX primetime schedule is shelved in what can only be called yet another braindead move (althought smart ratings-wise) by the dumbasses at FOX. They then wonder why so many of their shows have animpossible time finding viewers. Many of the shows my wife normally watches (Bones, The O.C., House, Prison Break) are either missing, shuffled around or on hiatus while FOX forces a wheelbarrow full of 'Star Search' wanna-be's down the throats of unsuspecting but gullibale American television viewers.

So, if it's new television you want this week, you can suffer through five solid hours of nails-on-a-chalkboard 'American Idol' or watch the various NBC networks and find some kick-ass curling action.

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