Friday, February 10, 2006

Grammys' ass handed to them by 'Idol'

If the Grammy Awards take place and nobody watches, do the 'artists' make a sound?

That, my friends, is the question of the week as on Wednesday night when the Grammy Awards were televised on CBS, FOX's piss-poor excuse for a talent search, 'American Idol' was handed the highest ratings on Wednesday evening on a silver platter.

I'll admit to not watching either but favor the Grammys and their actual televised account of MUSIC over Idol's blatant hackery any day of the week.

While the overall quality of music has rapidly declined in the past five years, all is not lost. With some rather old-timers (U2) winning hardware, they only proved that the new talent in the music world just isn't respected as much as the old standards are. The exclusion to that statement is Kelly Clarkson.

She is both a relatively new talent to the scene and a product of 'Idol'. And by virtue of winning some Grammy bling on Wednesday, she cemented herself as being real.

i know that by me recognizing Clarkson as talented while in the same breath ripping 'Idol' I may have spoken a contradiction but I am, by definition, a walking contradiction. I listen to some of Clarkson's music but hate popular music. I would first cut off my own genitalia than be subjected to listening to rap which is now considered popular music. That said, I hate both rap and 'American Idol'.

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