Thursday, February 02, 2006

Global warming and technology for $400 Alex

We all kow that January here in the usually frozen north of Minnesota has been warm. It was abnormally warm. It even makes national headlines when the famed St. Paul Winter Carnival's ice sculptures make an early departure by way of melting.

One local news outlet covered the story last night with an interesting twist. It focused on explorer Will Steger, famous for being the only man to dog sled across both of earth's poles, and his observations both from his time spent crossing and exploring both poles as well as satellite footage from NASA which shows the rapid melting since Steger's 1989 expedition.

How anyone can call this a normal cycle is beyond me. Steger is a rational man with scientific proof to back up his statements. The NASA footage was shown during the news segment. It is entirely real when a chunk of ice the size of Minnesota cracks off of a larger ice shelf and melts into the ocean. Many of the locales, according to Steger, which he traversed no longer exist. He says that global warming is real.

So did a University of Minnesota professor when questioned on the local Minnesota Public Radio news outlet by a caller.

However, this issue isn't even being mentioned, much less addressed, by our nation's leaders. instead, during Bush's 14th visit to Minnesota Thursday, he stated a need to advance the country nad make us competitive once again using technology and that far fewer people have the skills to move our nation forward than are needed. He could try to tie the two issues together andd face the facts. instead, he chooses to ignore the issues effecting the very planet we live on.

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