Thursday, February 23, 2006

FOX cobbles together scraps, launches new broadcast network

Well, my speculation a few weeks back on the heels of the announcement of the combining of UPN and The WB mini-networks into a new mini-net named 'CW' which left numerous former WB and UPN affiliates in the dark including Minnesota's own WFTC (UPN) 29 and its sister station KFTC in Bemidji has come to fruition. Behold, what network execs said couldn't be done, a sixth network, again...

While the scraps of the former mini-nets, many of whom are owned my FOX itself, didn't combine into some reconfigured lineup of cancelled FOX shows, they have coagulated into a bastardized sixth network. Although the number of hours programmed by this new network branded 'My Network TV' is a paltry 12 hours a week, it is more hours than filled by the current UPN but the bulk of the 12 hours will be occupied by two five-night-a-week serial dramas along the lines of something seen on the spanish-language 'Univision'.

Alright, it sounds to me to just as (un)watchable as the current UPN. Way to go, FOX!

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