Friday, February 10, 2006

A fine example of ignoring the facts

A resident from the affluent eastern-metro suburb of Woodbury, MN has become the talking head featured in a commercial aimed, strictly at Minnesotans, at shoring up support for the war in Iraq. The verbiage used directly ties the reason to being in Iraq to the loosely-based belief of his group that al-Qaeda is there, thus justifying the occupation of the country. While I haven't seen the ad aired on local television channels, it probably wont be

How many al-Qaeda operatives have been captured in Iraq? How many of the original 30-some hijackers form the September 11 attacks were of Iraqi descent? Where did our troops first invade shortly after September 11?

How many of those answers are 'Iraq'?

That is the problem with such twisted propaganda. Of course this propaganda comes from the mouth of a Marine reservist who, I can only assume, will receive praise and accolades from his fellow reservists as well as his superiors with his efforts to 'spread the truth' which is actually only the views of the conservative Progress for America Voters Fund.

The organization states that they have no political motives however the timing of this ad is highly suspect.

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