Friday, February 24, 2006

Everybody's biking over the weekend

It's the best news that the meandering and muddy Minnesota River has received in a long while.

Work is beginning on exploring options for a state recreation trail stretching from Big Lake to LeSueur, MN. Modeling it after the trail in my own 'back home' region of southeastern Minnesota following the Root River would be an economic boon for the small towns which dot the banks of the Minnesota River lying in areas far from the population centers of the state.

While the cities named as heads for the trail are far different and miles apart, the trail would also veer through a couple more populated areas such as Mankato, MN and nearby New Ulm which itself is a bit of a tourist center with its German heritage and Oktoberfest celebration each autumn.

If this project were o become reality, it would leave a gap of less than twenty miles betweena Minnesota River trial ending south of the small town of Jordan and this new trail in LeSueur. Twenty miles from a trail connecting the endpoint of the muddy Minnesota River inthe heart of the Twin Cities to western Minnesota's rolling hills, electric generating windmills and vast tracts of farmland.

This small relatively small gap in the trail would be wisely filled as the metro area expands further southwesterly at a rapid clip before the land is gone and filled with Wal-Mart stores, McMansions and split-level houses.

Should this trail be completed, it would make for a great trip for the intrepid biker over the course of a few days with towns never more than a few miles away. It's something I just might try as I am contemplating joining a group to secure funding for a recreational trail near our community.

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