Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Curious George has woman arrested for wearing t-shirt

As America slides toward a country resembling Germany in the late 1930's, the president of the United States spewed forth the same rhetoric he has been saying to the media and any American who will listen since day one of his presidency, more specifically since 2003.

But just before the prez entered the building for his rambling speech, anti-war activist and mother of a dead U.S soldier, Cindy Sheehan entered with her credentials as a guest of Representative Lynn Woosley of California, she was quickly told to leave and was subsuquently arrested by a plain-clothes capitol police officer due to the fact that she was wearing an anti-war t-shirt.

The only thing she did wrong was to wear a shirt that expressed her views. While it may not have fit in with the rest of the business attire being sported in the House of Representatives chambers Tuesday night, it was entirely her choice and she calmly accepted the consequences while her right to free speech and freedom of choice to dress in a manner which is acceptable in her eyes.

While I am no expert in law, wearing a shirt that doesn't contain vulgar language or offensive images isn't a crime. While I am unclear as to what the language of the t-shirt was, she was there legally and was acting in an orderly fashion.

Welcome to the year 2006 in the United States of His Greatness George W. Bush. I better get home and hide my ever classy t-shirt sporting the phrase 'Go Fork Yourself' -- it might offend George.

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