Thursday, February 09, 2006

Blog with Liberty in name more than a bit off base

What more can a person expect from a blog that claims to include all opinions but starts with a description such as this...

Common sense discussions on current events from the "right" perspective. All are invited to join in, even the loonie liberals from la-la land. Here on this blog, we respect the first amendment.

Ah, yes. What a breath of fresh air from a few good ole boys living in the Twin Cities' Lake Minnetonka region where the biggest issues of the day are whether or not to include a gate in your property's fence. But do they stop with those issues? Hell no. The 'intellectual greats' at Lake Minnetonka Liberty step lower than anyone could expect by calling pandering to political correctness a spineless act.

Well, I have a news flash for the nose-in-the-air crowd (how's that for stereotyping?), you would have found fault either way the Star-Tribune went with their reporting of the ripple being caused by the Danish publication of the Muhammad cartoons which happened some six months ago. Had they called the riots a terrible act, you would have called the Strib a rag for defaming a minority, and we already saw what happened when they reported both sides of the story carefully so as not to offend anyone and include local reaction.

I know that if you were to actually read this, you would call me either publicly or behind my back an apologist for anything liberal but if you read more you might just discover that there are many things, regardless of party affiliation, I see as wrong. Your take is just that, your take and while I disagree with it I do so as respectfully as possible.

Now, feel free to rip the ever-living hell out of my comments of past and call me every name under the sun. (P.S., I'll save you the time and admit that with being a human, I reserve the right to change my position and admit that I do so from time to time.)

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