Sunday, January 15, 2006

Love 'em but don't leave

Early yesterday afternoon, as I sat crouched behind my clothes dryer removing some miscellaneous fittings, my cell phone rang. I contemplated not answerng it but I grabbed it and heard Softball Player Guy on the other end.

He sounded rather morose and then he said it. Due to events of Friday night, where someone apprently expressed some feelings, he and his fiance who are to be married in early June have separated for the time being. This simply floored me and others as well.

I want to know more about what transpired but this is their life and I only hope they can work things out. They are just too perfect together and having known Softball Player Guy since we were in the seventh grade, he is too good of a person to have anything like this happen to him. He is a fine example of the nice guy finishing first.

I know that in church this morning I prayed for them and I hope all off my friends do the same. I wish them the best and hope that things work out for the best.

In other depressing news, it has been one year since the death of our friend, Drafting Guy. We still miss you B.T. You were taken too soon.

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