Thursday, January 12, 2006

Home Depot Chronicles; Part 5

Once again, I refuse to let things go.

Until we receive our new washer and dryer, the issue is still alive and we all know that on the internet, nothing ever dies.

I spent large chunks of my afternoon with the left side of my head glued to my phone at work as I stood firm on what the sales associate at Home Depot said. He also stood his ground but amazingly, after I told my side of the situation to the store manager, things had an entirely new ring to them.

What previously stood as me getting it firmly in the ass with no hint of lube by way of another $49 delivery charge and a 15% restocking fee for exchanging, not returning, a dryer that was sold to us under the pretense of false information (not to mention the ten day wait and rather poor customer service) miraculously changed to all charges being waived and delivery of the necessary model in one week.

Being a realist, I expect at least one more hassle in this process but maybe they will outshine my realist prognostication. Or not.

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