Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Droppin' Hamiltons like Aaron Burr

Having missed its original (and only) airing thus far waaay back on December 17, the only funny thing NBC's Saturday Night Live has broadcast since Will Ferrell left the cast is by far the best bit of sketch comedy I have seen in recent memory.

Lazy Sunday, featuring SNL castmembers Chris Parnell and newcomer Andy Samberg is hilarious. Full of cultural references from the man on a ten-dollar bill to the long-extinct original Mr. Pibb, the video 'chronicles' the duo's trip on their way to the movie theater.

While it is the best piece of humor on the stale SNL, I hope they take a cue that being creative and thinking as far outside the box as possible means big laughs. I can hope for more irreverent prodding at popular culture but don't try to clone a good thing like 'Lazy Sunday'.

Watch it and appreciate it. A word of advice, don't drink anything while watching...

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