Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Bush's latest impeachable action

If our nation's president can be congratulated for only one thing, he should be given a medal for his extreme stubborness. Whether it was his never-ending defense that Iraq was in possession of those darn elusive weapons of mass destruction or his claim just minutes after the attacks on 9/11 that the attackers were harbored in Iraq even though they were all of Suadi descent much like Bin Laden, not to mention their training in Afganistan, he has stood firm in his beliefs despite evidence to the contrary.

With the latest impeachable offense to rock the White House, Bush has stood firm in support of his illegal wiretaps of hundreds of American citizens. Regardless of the reason for such intrusions, the president is subject to the same laws as the rest of us and he should be held accountable.

For example, if I had just cause to tap somebody's phone and record their conversations, I couldn't just call a guy who knows a guy who works for the phone company and do whatever the hell i wanted. I would have to have just cause first off and obtain a subpoena and follow legal channels to record anyone's private conversations.

While Bush claims he didn't overstep his legal powers, others see things differently as he faces hearings in the coming weeks to determine the legality of the hundreds of 'questionable' (illegal) wiretaps since the enaction of the Patriot Act.

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