Thursday, January 12, 2006

Angelina Jolie has bun in oven

Yes, it's official. The large-lipped and rather busty actress Angelina Jolie is pregnant by way of the seed of one Brad Pitt. He sure didn't waste much time in adding to her adopted brood of children as reports surfacing today state that Jolie is three months along.

The speculation is already beginning as to just how amazingly handsome/beautiful this child will look due to the not-so-shabby looks of its parents. The prognosticators are already saying that this will be the second most photographed subject, first on that list is Prince William.

The pictures of her smallishly round belly are scarce with the exception of this one here which is rather small but I am sure that her expanding belly will be the only thing on the minds of tabloids and papparazzi in the next year so sit back and speculate over the sex and name of the child while the rest of the world rapidly descends to the lowest form of crap.

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