Thursday, January 19, 2006

Alleged terrorists are attention whores

So, the big news this morning as I walked into the company cafeteria was that Osama Bin Laden had released yet another one of his journal-like tapes to Al-Jazeera once again threatening the U.S.

That piece of shit's tricks are getting old. He is alot like the boy who cried wolf and the United States media and the world are idiotic enoough to keep paying attention to him. It was all over CNN as I squeezed the old lunch pail into the empty refrigerator. I watched for a few seconds only to learn that, surprise, Bin laden's cryptic tape which may or may not be new blatantly stated that there would be an attack on U.S. soil while he talked of a possible truce in the same breath.

Why the hell does the media pay attention to him? Sure, he was reportedly the 'mastermind' behind the original attacks which got us into a war in Iraq of all places when he is known to be of Saudi heritage and has been known to live in Pakistan and Afghanistan. Has he done anything since then beyond the occasional possibly misinterpreted video tape? Fuck no. It is like a papparazzi photographer following around an elementary school bully only to witness the bully talking to a tree and nothing more.

Quit paying attention until the threats are clear and there is activity to warrant some attention. Until then, go back to covering the otherwise slow news day.

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Stewie said...

I know Moore is love or hate, but he did have a valid point about the US media being fear mongers.

I'm wondering if I spelled "mongers" correctly.

Either way, I agree with him.