Monday, December 26, 2005

Where would we be without the Webbies?

Ah, yes. Right up there with the Oscars are The Webbies.

A reccent addition to their site chronicles ten web moments in their ten-year history which changed the world. (All bow to the king of the long link...)

10. SARS Virus Discovered Online (2003)
Web Plays Central Role in Research to Discover SARS Virus

9. Booms (2002)
The Web Becomes the Primary Means for Making Connections

8. Live 8 on AOL (July 2005)
Internet Coverage Of Global Concert Bests Television's

7. Napster Shut Down (July 2001)
Court Ruling Spurs Innovation and New Business Models

6. Asian Tsunami (2005)
Citizens Journalists Are the First on the Scene to Document the Tsunami

5. September 11th (2001)
Millions of Americans Turn to the Internet for Information About the Tragedies

4. Elections Worldwide (2004)
Howard Dean Revolutionizes Politics

3. Amazon's Jeff Bezos Named Time's Man of the Year (December 1999)
1999 Was A Watershed Year for Online Commerce

2. The Drudge Report Breaks Lewinsky Scandal (1998)
Matt Drudge Scoops one of the decade's biggest stories

1. The Dotcom Boom and Bust (1995-2001)
Launched by Netscape's IPO, the Boom & Bust fast-tracked the Web

Good list folks, but I don't see a number reserved for the Hampster Dance. Maybe it's one of those oft-omitted half numbers

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