Sunday, December 04, 2005

Walking a meandering path

Having not dedicated a post regarding politics (politics never being one of the topics intended when I first began blogging nearly two years ago) for five days and only one more time before that in the last two weeks has opened my eyes.

I have realized that it angers some that I am not debating the every political move that goes on in our country. It also proves that Americans have stronger feelings regarding 'American Idol' than they do about politics.

Am I saying goodbye entirely to commenting about politics and current events? No. Will it take a back seat to other topics of personal interest to me? Yes, for the time being.

Will I actually watch 'American Idol'? Not if William Hung personally threatened to wake me up with a song each morning. I just hope my wife's television tastes have change so I am not subjected to the horrors of our nation's musical hopefuls.

If you haven't been a regular since day one of this blog, check here to see what this house looked like before I fancied it up with a window box and hunter green shutters. I think it will return to this format. Or not. You'll have to wait and see.

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