Sunday, December 04, 2005

Wal-Mart is topic of post #800

After yesterday's unfortunate trip during the busiest season of the year for consumers in search of bargain-priced, foreign-made toys sold to us via extremely long lines staffed by immigrant employees making substandard wages, I can view Wal-Mart in an entirely new light.

While I an not going to go as far as The Wege did in calling for a boycott of musical artists whoring themselves out for the sake of that damn yellow smiley face, I still fail to see why Wal-Mart is such a shopping destination.

Sure, my sister-in-law used their portrait studio for Christmas portraits of her son. That's her choice. I prefer Super Target's photo studio but, again, I respect her decisions.

The Wal-mart we stopped at is a newly expanded super center sporting a grocery store, automotive service center, photo studio, bank, McDonald's, vision center, its own interstate highway system, a medium-sized amusement park and a Kia dealership. Alright, some of those items didn't exist but its a metaphor for the store's shear giganticism.

In short, the store I was at can be looked down upon for gobbling up about 100 acres of once-prime farmland while abandoning a store of sister Sam's Club a few miles away because that particular suburb is entirely built up. In another fifteen years, they will move Sam's another ten miles down the road and pave over some more of our country's future.

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