Monday, December 19, 2005

A take on Bush's latest bumbles

I could write some lengthy, rambling analysis of the recent goings-on in the nation's Whie House regarding the whole wire-tapping and spying issues but Clever Peasantry does a superb job summing things up.

But beyond this latest scandal, appaently Bush took to the airwaves from the controlled environment of the oval office in an address last night. He attempted to fill the nation's TV viewers full of his positive spin on the situation in Iraq with the impressive voter turnout percentage while re-stating that the U.S. will stay until we achieve victory.

Again, he simply re-stated everything he has been saying for a couple years since this whole war went awry. Much like a great saying goes, you can put pearls on a pig but it's still a pig. In short, he got us into a bad situation and saying it is going well is like fixing up a crumbling house with bubble gum and 3-M's own scotch tape.

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