Monday, December 05, 2005

News when I find it

Let's play a little game I like to call 'What's in the News?'

Judges upholds some of the charges against Rep. Tom Delay

So much for DeLay starting the year with his old job and a clean criminal record. I am a bit surprised this is still in the news with the relatively short attention span of Americans.

Saddam: 'I'm not afraid of execution'

Proving again that while he wasn't in possession of them elusive WMDs, he is still crazy.

U.S. Stocks Fall as Oil Rises; Target Shares, Retailers Slide

I figured as much with gas prices jumping (locally) from $1.91 late last week to $2.25 as I ade the commute home tonight. As for the retail slump, I think people are in fact spending less due to the fact that their average utility bills which have increased significantly over last year are eating up that oh-so-precious and once-plentiful disposable income so many Americans supposedly have.

Moderate Drinkers Are Slimmer

I knew that there was some good news to be had today.

Sinking Flagships?

ABC News announced that they will be moving forward with a two-person newscasting team consisting of Elizabeth Vargas and Bob Woodruff. The other announcements is that ABC will produce three live evening newscasts as opposed to the previous format of one which was tape delayed in the country's two western time zones. In addition to that, ABC will be producing a few on-demand segments earlier in the day.

This indicates to me that ABC may well be building towards a 24-hour news channel offered on one of its affiliates additional digital channels with the move to the digital spectrum in 2007 or 2009 or whenever the FCC decides the time has come.

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