Friday, December 02, 2005

NBC Amazes Yet Again

As I have expressed in earlier posts, the geniuses at NBC aren't about making the best decisions or building new shows to replace those which are on their way out. They currently have no farm team of shows to replace the laughably poor ratings of Joey and the soon-to-be-dead Will & Grace.

They have, though, announced a reshuffling of the bookends of their comedy schedule. With The Apprentice floundering and the rest of Thursday's lineup doing the same, NBC will move their two newest comedies from Tuesday (My Name is Earl & The Office) to Thursdays at the same time.

Replacing the vacant hour on Tuesdays is the returning 'Scrubs' with back-to-back episodes in January until its eventual Olympics interruption in February.

Now, my opinion.

NBC may have been wise, despite stiff late-season competion from FOX with 'Idol' & 'House' to instead build a solid block of comedies on Tuesday with 90 minutes of established comedies (Earl, Office, Scrubs) and developing one new sitcom to fill out two hours on a night where there is no comedy competition. Thursday could then be toyed with as a night to develop something new as 'Will & Grace' thankfully ride off into the sunset.

But, they didn't. No, the bull-headed idiots at NBC once-again try to keep some sort of sick stranglehold on Thursdays harkening back to the good old days of Seinfeld, Cheers and Friends. Well, I hate to rain on the peacock, but those days are gone.

Instead, you let CBS kick your multi-colored ass with an endless barage of 'Survivior' series and the behemoth 'CSI'. Thursday, to you, is dead. Maybe, instead, broadcasting three solid hours of a monkey flinging its own feces would be seen as something edgy and new. I, for one, wouldn't watch but there are plenty of slack-jawed idiots (apparently watching Trump mutter "You're Fired' for the billionth time) to draw at least SOME viewers.

NBC could even partner with, oooh -- I got it, the WWE wrestling enterprise to develop a football league. Not just any football league but an EXTREME football league with different rules and edgy, extreme players. Throw the games on Thursday night and watch the viewers line up ten deep at TVs to watch the hard-hitting action. It could fill the void for football left after the NFL regular season ends in December.

What? They already tried it on Saturdays? It was called the XFL? It only lasted a couple weeks? One of the players wore the name 'He Hate Me'? Dammit. Thought I had something there.

Oh well. Back to the monkey poop.


James Manning said...

I've watched My Name Is Earl and I did like it, but you are right. These guys need to step outside of the box and do something different. The problem is that everyone is use to some sort of formula for success rather than creating success from scratch.

Anonymous said...

Seinfeld's not really over, check out...