Thursday, December 29, 2005

Movie-related lists for the year that is 2005

Everyone has seen at least one movie, I am sure of that. Whether they have seen it packaged on a store shelf, watched in a theater, the bastardized television version of a movie or watched the film on DVD or VHS tape, my previous assumption is true.

Some people, though, seem to watch movies simply to spot the mistakes that make it to the final product; entirely forgetting that some things, no matter how many eyes see it, make it to the end product over a production schedule that lasts numerous months.

These companion lists chronicle the thirty largest mistakes in 2005 films as well as the movies premiered in 2005 with the most mistakes.

There are apparently alot of people out there who are in need of full-time jobs.


shayera said...

I used to enjoy that website. But within a really short time, you start to notice how very tedious and nitpicky and living in their mommy's basement some of those people are.

shayera said...

By the way, I've tagged you with the 4s! ;-)

shayera said...

the 7s take too long.