Friday, December 23, 2005

Looking ahead to 2006

2006, or the new year, is just a shade over a week away and many are probably just beginning to think about the year ahead. I am not excluded from that 'wait until the very last minute' group.

I am sure the new year will bring its share of surprises but there are always those things you know ahead of time that will happen.

I will turn 27 years old. Yes, as a co-worker pointed out, it is a mere three years from thirty and that much closer to turning away from my twenties forever and having to become a true adult. You know the sort that drives or at least owns a four-door car and will inevitably have a wood and plastic swingset assembled in the back yard.

It is also the year that we hope to refininance our current mortgage. We are currently paying private mortgage insurance which is sponging gobs of money from our checking account on a monthly basis but will definitely be going away, we hope.

The next year also brings some political things, too. I am sure that scandals will keep coming in the White House and 2006 will be heated with the political mudslinging that is sure to accompany the 2006 elections for house and senate members.

I know some other things, too. I will get a few more gray hairs and I might actually get my bike carrier repaired before 2007 after receiving the replacement parts about six weeks ago. See, I have goals.

So, to recap things, refinance our mortgage, fix the bike rack, maybe purchase a new car, comment loudly about politics and turn 27 years old.

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