Friday, December 09, 2005

Living the life

A perk of living in an actual community is the business sector of that particular community.

With a community experiencing a fair amount of upheaval and inconvenience with an above average amount of road construction disrupting life, the Chamber of Commerce has banded together to drum up sales which are down significantly.

This is where the ham comes in.

With a traveling entry bucket for customers to enter a variety of drawings, the possibilities are endless.

Then came Wednesday when an envelope arrived in our mailbox.

We won supper. Supper for more than a few days with some sandwiches to spare. Unfortunately it wasn't a general dollar amont which would have helped with the processing costs of our half-hog coming later this month, but nothing free is bad in my eyes.

A ham. As I found out last night, a damn tasty ham which would have been worth paying for. It was a real ham. No bone in this ham but heads and tails above that of a Hormel Cure 81 ham.

It lives on in leftover form in the fridge but its delicious taste lingers in my mind.

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