Wednesday, December 28, 2005

The lists continue, web searches

Yes, we do indeed live in the age of the internet. It's everywhere. NBC has AOL tie-in pop-ups during some of its shows. You can buy TV show repeats through the iTunes music store to watch on your video iPod you got from Santa a few days back and you can find anything, if it exists, by Googling it.

Google is huge. They seem to have thier hands in eveerything and have been the one strong points since every single dot-com of the 90's tanked and took your 401k with them.

So, in recapping 2005, it is only fitting to include something Google-tastic.

Behold, Google's most-searched terms.

Google News - Top Searches in 2005
1. Janet Jackson
2. Hurricane Katrina
3. tsunami
4. xbox 360
5. Brad Pitt
6. Michael Jackson
7. American Idol
8. Britney Spears
9. Angelina Jolie
10. Harry Potter

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