Thursday, December 22, 2005

Letterman faces frivolous lawsuit

Being a Letterman guy since he took to the earlier late-night timeslot in '93 on CBS, I HAD to spread the word on this tidbit.

This woman, who is obviously insane beyond all belief, has come to the conclusion that Letterman has spoken to her in code for over a decade and caused her great mental anguish and sleep deprivation.

The problem here is that she believes that after writing tons of obsessive-sounding fan mail Letterman wanted to groom her as his co-host and even marry her. If I thought someone was talking in code to me and it was causing me sleep deprivation and severe mental anguish, I would watch Leno. But, then again, maybe suffering mental anguish is far better than watching Jay 'The Chin' Leno.

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