Wednesday, December 07, 2005

A holiday card goof

Dammit. Give the guy a freaking break. He has a hard enough job. Alright, he has a hard job. Okay, he has a team of folks who actually do the work for him while he vacations four months per year to trim brush at a ranch which seems to produce nothing but brush.

So he had a little memory lapse sending out greeting cards.

He pleased the whole politically correct crowd who would love to banish the word Christ or any for of the word from the english language but seriously pissed off the media lapdogs who sing the praises of his every decision and may have alienated the very people who plop down thousands of dollars for lavish (or not) fundraising dinners.

That's right, in one absent-minded decision regarding the choice of wording from the very greeting cards (maybe he gets those in the mail from the disabled artists who paint with their feet and mouths) he sent in good spirit but overlooked the fact that the cards wished 'happy holidays' or some variation of the secular greeting.

Of course this guffaw ruffled more than a few feathers of the religious zealots who pray when crossing a street that God will guide them safely to the opposite side. Here's a thought, look both ways and run like hell because God isn't going to help you avoid that Simon Delivers truck doing 15 MPH over the speed limit in an effort to deliver groceries to that well-off suburban family whose time is too precious to stand in line at the local grocery store.

Be sure, though, that my Christmas cards are just that. Some might have a biblical scene gracing the front, some may have a cartoonish figure of the jovial fat man known as Santa, Chris Cringle or St. Nicholas but they mention Christmas.

You better watch yourselves mouth and foot painters of the world, the folks at the Christian Science Monitor will soon have you on their list for fucking over the prez.

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