Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Diablo Cody's infinite wisdom

City Pages blogger and soon-to-be Hollywood millionaire writer has an infinite amount of knowledge and wisdom.

One of her more recent entries details the fact that she isn't ashamed of American culture so much as she is of our nation's government.

I agree that in terms of stupidity in pop culture, the rest of the world has us beat hands down. Simply for the fact that the bulk of American television ideas are stolen from overseas and simply toned down and lightly rewritten for the bland safeness and downhome tastes of an extremely young country whose ideas are simplistic and boring in comparison to the rest of the world.

I mean, come on, where's our cavorting royal family living scandal-filled lives? Not here. We only have a president. A president whose ideas are so dark-ages that we may all be in danger of coming down with the plague. Maybe we'd be better off living the ways of merry olde England.

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Anonymous said...

Um, dude, isn't what your saying the exact opposite of what your stripper friend is saying? She said that American culture is unique and vibrant and awesome. You said the opposite. One of you is wrong.