Monday, December 19, 2005

Christmas madness - final weekend

Yes, this is going to be a christmas post.

Oh, shit, I said Christmas. That is sure to land me in some politically-incorrect institution where I will be caned with pine tree branches and forced to endure a television network 'holiday' special with third-rate musicians singing specialls written holiday tunes available for purchase during the special. Thanks NBC for ruining yet another holiday.

Oh, back to the weekend events.

It began feverishly with me leaving my work duties slightly past noon on Friday to pick up a couple of gifts and drop off a mound of photos for enlargements.

Of course, in the joy of the Christmas season, I ended up parking at the farthest reaches of the mall's parking lot which made me wonder if people actually work during the month of December (other than those in the retail sector).

At 1 PM on a Friday, the crowds at any retail store are normally rather thin, that's why I departed from work after only a half-day. This theory proved to be wrong which is why I again tried it on Monday (today).

At just before 1 PM, I slipped out the doors of the office and made my way to a diffferent mall. The drive there wasn't entirely terrible but once I arrived in the store of choice, I was painfully aware that most of the Twin Cities appears to A.) wait until the last week before Christmas to do their shopping and B.) take off from work for the entire month of December. My earlier pondering proved to be true.

Of course, the weekend didn't entirely revolve around hordes of shoppers at area malls and retailers.

There was the work Christmas party Saturday night where I won both a mention in their impromptu trivia contest revolving around obsucre tidbits of our company -- one of which questioned which employee has the skills and showcases them to be a lounge singer... -- I won a frickin' flashlight. What a glorious prize. It was just what I wanted. Santa can cross it off his list. I still haven't settled down from the sheer joy of winning such a fantastic prize. Then, just when I couldn't get any happier, my name was drawn as the winner of one of the hand-crafted festive table centerpieces. It was all I could do not to wet myself. I still haven't calmed down.

Finally, last night brought about our Christmas party with some friends. They are really the wife's friends but I live here too so I am included. The food was made, we spent the afternoon making neglected areas of the sprawling fortress look presentable and making treats. Some of which are for my company's potluck lunch tomorrow but I know I will have plenty of leftovers --- just the way I like it.

I still have a couple bags of wrapping paper top take care of but the Christmas shopping is now complete and my car's oilfinally got changed this afternoon -- and my hand still stinks like oil to prove it. Here, wanna smell?

Mmm, oil....

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