Wednesday, December 14, 2005

And the award goes to...

R. Kelly.

Yea, I poured through the 1000+ songs added to iTunes in our personal collection and found nothing (beyond the already mentioned 'My Humps') that really stuck out in my mind.

Then I caught a scene in my mind. It was from the miserable MTV Video Music Awards held in August. It was that fucking douche R. Kelly lip-synching his God-damned five-million part epic about being trapped in a closet. How in the hell do you end up trapped in a closet? Oh, sure, he was diddling some chick whose hubby or baby-daddy was throwing his cock up some other dude's -- well, you know. Yea, he was lip-synching a spoken-word track where he plays each and every fucking character.

Now that is what I call conceded.

What's even more depressing is that hordes of yammering teenagers are lining up at Sam Goody to shell out $18.98 for this crap (which in the link above is now available on DVD).

It's sad that this shit lands on MTV -- since when was talking music?

I think I'll record a CD about being trapped on my porch and having to deal with the mailman and UPS guy delivering packages while I fend off spiders and the occasional leaf which makes its way inside while I contemplate why nobody has noticed that I am missing.

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