Monday, November 28, 2005

Working on the chain gang

Damn it feels good to be a gangster.

Of course, if you are worth your salt when it comes to moovie geekdom, you'll know exactly what movie that phrase from a song originated in. If not, click here for a hint.

And if you still can't figure it out, dumbass, it's OFFICE SPACE. OFFICE SPACE, jeezus! God, I gave y'all a link and everything plus the damned movie's been on AMC as of late as well as numerous repeated performances on Comedy Central.

Of course, it comes with the territory of my job that this movie really hits home. Though I don't have the dreaded task of filling out TPS reports or responding to eight bosses for every mistake I make, hell I only answer to myself -- and a couple bosses above me but the department I have worked in for nearly three years is mine. (Temporarily, my boss is on leave for two months so I an gonna fill the hell out of those shoes she left.)

While I complain sometimes, at least I can be thankful I have a job. I wish its benefits were more plentiful and more affordable but it's a job that uses my degree so I am happy. Unlike 7,000 Merck employees and 30,000 General Motors employees last week who lost their jobs.

That's a helluva Christmas gift. Merry Christmas, Happy Thanksgiving, by the way, YOU'RE FIRED! Have a joyous New Year.

The firings at GM I can understand. The cutbacks at the evil pharmaceutical giant, Merck, I can't.

Sure, they are facing numerous lawsuits over the effects of one of their multitude of drugs but we all know that the medical sector, and my 401K performance will back it up, is doing pretty damn well. Why cut 7,000 employees? Why not trim a handful of execs with thier million-dollar-plus salaries who have more in the cushions of their leather couches than any one of the 7,000 unemployed Merck workers will ever have saved over their entire lives?

Because that's the way the world works. Why would an exec choose to fire one of their own? Oh, no answer? Because they wouldn't. You never hear of a handful of top-level executives being laid off. It's always the worker bees. And there are fewer and fewer hives each day for those worker bees to populate and the queens are still getting paid.

But damn it feels good to be a gangster.

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Scooter said...

They had some good commentary about Merck on MPR yesterday - it's more than just the Vioxx lawsuits - they're losing patent rights to one of their major drugs this year as well - big hit for them. And they haven't been discovering new drugs, which is their real business - none of the big drug companies have. Even with the restructuring news they lost about 5% yesterday and their stock is down almost 70 points over the last five years. All the big pharma companies are bleeding according to their stock. Also MNSpeak has a link to Forbes top givers (as companies) and Merck is up there with in-kind donations. Regardless, I bet CEO salaries haven't plummeted 75% like the stock has, or 100% like the salaries of the laid off workers.