Wednesday, November 30, 2005

What does victory mean?

Sur-fucking-prise. In a speech today, one George W. Bush reared his stubborn ass and muttered the same five words about his non-existent plan for Iraq, stating that the Iraq conflict "will take time and patience."

He also, oooh -- a second surprise, unveiled a rather vague but nonetheless 35-page-long plan for 'victory' in Iraq.

This from the same man who, in May of 2003, landed on an aircraft carrier in the Persian Gulf and confidently boasted the phrase "mission accomplished".

The question remains, though, what was the mission? How was it accomplished? Was this a play on words due to the fact that he had earlier in the day walked through a Blockbuster Video store and had noticed that previously-viewed VHS copies of 'Mission: Impossible 2' were on sale for the low, low price of $4.99?

No. No to the last question I just asked. Unsure is the answer to the first question. The answer for the second question is 'it wasn't accomplished' because nearly three years later Bush has craftily come up with a 35-page report, possibly written by a fourth-grader in social studies class, on how to achieve 'victory' in Iraq.

Maybe his definition of 'victory' differs from that of the rest of the population but, to me, victory could be summed up by saving the surviviors from this sinking ship that is Iraq and leaving things at 'well enough' unless our country can get some help. If it is for the good of the world to spread democracy, why isn't anyone else helping in this mission?

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