Monday, November 21, 2005

Weekend fun wrapped in tiny twinkle lights

My parents stopped by for a quick visit yesterday. It was one of those dual purpose visits that are all too common when their son is in his mid-to-late-twenties.

Of course, it had a purpose other than 'just visiting'. I had called a few days ago with questions (that I have covered previously) about my water softener which, amazing, wasn't producing any soft water. Sort of a contradiction along the lines of 'world's thinnest fat man' -- something you would see at the worst circus ever right next to 'the world's tallest midget'. I had pondered that one long before 'My Name is Earl' ever graced the television airwaves.

The first task at hand was that my aunt had given my mom a rather nice digital camera.

The exact same model of camera that Softball Player Guy used to have, in fact. This recent addition to my parent's arsenal of stuff means that I now have an eventual home for my computer when I plop down $299 for the bottom of the line Dell someday.

To sum up this rambling story of nothing, we froze our collective asses off for two hours string up christmas lights on the front of the villa which worked right up until the moment we plugged them in. Not upsetting at all... Okay, done grinding my teeth into a fine powder. Then we started working on the water softener but, what is that, a knock at the door. Brother-in-law the mechanic stopped by to see what the problem is with my car door. Yea, it's bitch, I know. Tell me something new.

Alright, he'll check with a co-worker today and see if they can figure something out to fix it or maybe just crush the fucking thing into a handy green paperweight so my job tickets aren't flopping at the breeze on my desk at work and we can go further in debt o replace my car by buying that kick-ass Volkswagen we saw this weekend. Or not. Maybe we'll fix the green car and wait on crushing it.

Yea, that's the ticket.

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