Saturday, November 05, 2005

Those stupid Vikings

After the KSTP Channel 5 report from Thursday night, the Vikes have trash problems. Bryant McKinnie and Mewelde Moore, in particular, have sanitation issues at their posh Eden Prairie residences. Fellow Bearpath community resident(s) tipped off KSTP that these two Vikes were seen dumping a large number of bags of trash into a construction site dumpster.

Of course, them crafty Vikes claimed it was from a birthday party that happened two weeks ago. Who would keep excess garbage - supposedly from a birthday party - around for two week? Two weeks! Come on. Work on your lies. A five year old with chocolate smeared on his face is more believable in saying he didn't eat the cookies than what I shall deem "Garbage Gate."

Yea, there is plenty of reasonable doubt here but in the time we live in, where baseball players bulk up on horse steroids and Kobe Bryant (of the L.A. Lakers) has sex with an 18-year-old hotel employee, who should we believe?

UPDATE: Forgot that has a story along the same vein as KSTP.

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