Wednesday, November 30, 2005

'Syriana' is a must-see

George Clooney stuck his neck far out with the upcoming (Dec. 9) release of the political drama, 'Syriana'. Clooney risked his own health, both physical and mental, by gaining nearly forty pounds to play his role. The movie risks its own success by tackling the dark world of big oil.

In a story line that reads like a year-in-review news special for 2005, Clooney, playing a burned out CIA agent fighting in the middle-east war on terror while co-star Matt Damon plays an energy analyst advocating a steering away from oil. Needless to say that his position is not widely accepted among the cronies pocketing money from big oil as the profit from the war on terror.

The film sounds like a dark thriller with treason and murder as underlying plot lines. It appears as fiction but with the events that have unfolded in the past year, it may be more real than we care to believe.

I only hope that it is seen in droves. It seems to me that it is the most important film of the year and deserves much more recognition and publicity than it is receiving. If you want to read more, pick up the latest issue of Rolling Stone featuring Madonna on the cover. It features an in-depth feature about the story behind 'Syriana'.

As for coverage regarding the film, Gristmill has a snippet on it and maybe someone will read this and chime in with their take on the film.

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