Friday, November 18, 2005

Sex, and so much more...

Sex. It is a subject near and dear to my heart. It has been for a good many years and like any red-blooded male it is something I think about occassionally.

It is also something that, at twenty buck a pop, has interested people from around the Twin Cities pouring into the Minneapolis Convention Center to check out the Sex and So Much More Show.

Of course, any time you plaster the word 'Sex' on anything, it is ripe for a little controversy.

A couple nights ago, KSTP ran a story detailing the controversy surrounding the show. They respectably covered both sides and portrayed it as the promotions portrayed it... a show for couples to explore their intimacy. The show features numerous vendors selling their intimate wares along the lines of intimate wear, toys and videos. All things that can be found in adult stores scattered throughout the state.

Of course, some out there would have you believe that simply attending a show such as this one would bring upon us a rain of locusts and that all rivers would flow with blood. This, as far as I can determine, is not true. The Strib covered both sides of this by interviewing guests at a pleasure party as well as a bible thumping religious zealot that, if further interviewed, would likely go along with my previous notion about the blood and the locusts.

There a number of people I wish would attend this show. I would love to hear the reactions of many from both sides of the aisle. But mainly I would love to see the blood of someone like Katherine Kersten (Strib columnist) or ultra-wacko Pat Robertson's boil profusely seconds after entering the doors. I can almost imagine, with cheeks puffed out, eyes bulging, veins in neck popping out to dangerous levels as they scream about the lack of morals in our society and how the mainstream media (which they both use to spread their points of view) are morally corupt for even mentioning he taking place of this event.

They need to take a step back and consider that sex is exactly how their meager soulds landed on this planet in the first place. Maybe they even have a drawer full of 'No Dicks Allowed' videos at home that they break out on special occassions with their significant other.

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