Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Satire at its finest

The editorial I ran across pertaining to the White House's nonsensical pestering of comedic 'news' (inasmuch that FOX brands their cable 'news' channel FOX News Channel) outlet 'The Onion' over their usage of the presidential seal on their website.

This is likely the work of some overzealous White House intern trying to make a name for his or herself by spotting potential misuse of likenesses of government seals or trademarks and saw the horrid 'bias' (which is pointed out in the editorial that Clinton was as much of a target for The Onion's satire as Bush has been) and decided to pick a fight. It all seems so mature and along the lines of our current administration as they fight the easy battles while neglecting the real issues.

Well, here's an image of that very same seal that caused such heartache for the White House. What you see here is its natural state. Untouched by anyone.
What you see here is my edited version of it. See. Satire. Can you spot the differences?

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