Friday, November 18, 2005

Revolving door at local TV station or blame the liberal media

A few weeks/months back, I penned an open letter to NBC regarding the incredulous mismanagement of what could have possibly been stellar television programs while fostering current bile along the lines of 'Joey' and an 'Apprentice' spinoff starring Martha Stewart which has already received its walking papers.

[SIDENOTE: Has anyone ever receive papers instructing the recipient to actually WALK? Just curious.]

Now, it could be prophesized, that the Twin Cities NBC affiliate, KARE 11, is suffering due to the lackluster decisions made over the past decade at NBC.

CBS 2 in the city of angels, Los Angeles.

Frank Vascellero did the unthinkable, he replaced Magers without missing a step. The newscasts ratings dominated the other Twin Cities stations for a year after Magers' departure. The second year, from late 2004 until present day, has been a bit different. Each of the other big three newscasts have gained viewers while the friendly KARE 11 has remained steady at best, even losing ratings points.

And now, rumors are swirling that the anchor team will further degrade. Due to the not-so-stellar ratings of the NBC primetime lead-ins or not, meteorologist Ken Barlow may well be headed to Bean Town to predict the next Noreaster sweeping into Massachussets. That will leave KARE 11 to likely replace Frank's empty anchor chair with second-string weekend anchor Rick Kupchella and filling Barlow's shoes will be weekend/Clear Channel radio meteorologist blondie Belinda Jensen.

Can they survive this turnstile behind the news desk? Time will tell but if UPN 29 overpowers them, KARE 11 will likely be holding a sign stating 'Will fellate for ratings'.

(Of course some would blame KARE's downfall on the belief that all mainstream media is liberal and therefore full of lies.)

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