Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Not shocking, simply awful

This has blown my fucking mind.

Bush went ahead and nominated an actual judge (Alito) for the opening on the supreme court after Harriet Miers ran away with her furry tail between how bowed legs. Of course it is someone who thinks along the same lines as Bush and they probably sit around at night picking fleas from each other's scalps while watching 'Blue Collar TV' and not laughing because the comedy is too damn complex for them to understand.

Why couldn't Bush have surprised everyone and gone against the grain of picking some one exactly like himself. Shake things up. Surprise everyone.

Why couldn't he have picked a woman? Why not a BLACK woman? Why not go for a half hispanic-half black woman?

How about finding a judge who is a quadrapalegic hispanic/black woman?

Challenge yourself Bush. Dammit, you are sooo fucking predictable. How about what we are all, deep inside, clammoring for? A lesbian, quadrapalegic, half black, half hispanic woamn of the Islamic religion... that would be sure to ruffle some feathers and send Bill O'Reilly right the hell out of the no-spin zone with his head spinning.

No. He had to be a boring, predictable good ole' white boy from Texas and pick some 'I look and think like every other conservative white guy and think that women should be barefoot, pregnant, jobless without the right to vote, show their faces in public, speak or have the right to express their opinion or process any independent thought' because he picked some goddamn chiggers from your nappy, branch-cuttin' hair.

Way to spread that old-fashioned shock and awe.

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oracle of ideation said...

preaching to the choir
i like your style there partner