Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Halloween done, candy gone too early

That's a wrap.

Halloween came and went as quickly as our supply of candy for the trick or treaters.

In our first year doling out candy for what seemed like everyone under the age of 16, we were swamped. It was an endless parade of witches, spidermen, clowns and princesses for a solid ninety minutes until our five bags of candy were completely gone.

At that time, we quickly cut the lights and closed the porch door. I peered out the windows from time to time until just before 8 PM. There were still hordes of ghoulish ghouls and goblinny goblins strolling the streets begging for free candy. I had no idea that there were this many kids in the area.

They must have imported them just for this night because I only seem to see the same six kids playing football in the street or hounding me at 8 AM wanting to rake my leaves in exchange for cash. The only glitch in their plan is they have nowhere to take the leaves after they are raked.

Now it's time to spruce the place up for the turkey day and begin thinking about the grandaddy of all holidays -- Christmas. Five foot santa is ready to light up the neighborhood already.


Smartie said...

This was our first year for handing out candy, too. I think the kids sensed our timidity, our desire to do it right, and they took advantage. There's no way we have 100+ kids in this neighborhood.

I suspect it was really just the same group of kids going up and down the block over and over again. After all, how can I tell if this is a different Power Ranger than last time?

The kids are smart, I have to give'm that.

Brian said...

Agreed. I think we were totally duped. There's no way in HELL that my small town has twenty-six kids who all decided to dress as pirates carrying spider-man pillowcases. I should have realized something was up...