Friday, November 18, 2005

Friday random thoughts or best conspiracies ever

My driver's side car door won't open, government involved SOMEHOW

Water softener not functioning, again, the government's doing. They want me to suffer with dry skin and limp, lifeless hair

There should be a font designed how 12-year-old girls write complete with bubbly letters, hearts dotting the i's and those stupid double exclamation points 'punctuated' with a faux smiley mouth under the dots to resemble an extremely happy face with totally vertical eyebrows jutting completely off its hypothetical face

I am worried about the level of bacteria that may be contained in today's lunch as it was also last night's supper and sat out in the pan it was prepared in for approximately 90 minutes after we finished with it, again, the government trying to eliminate me

$213 for two tires! Damn, that's alot of ching

If, while on a utility company budget plan, said utility company raises your pre-agreed monthly plan by 30% due to rising fuel costs and you have a signed agreement stating your monthly bill for the next 12 months, do they really think they will see the increased fee paid by anyone?

What is the proper spelling for shrimp that is minus its veins? I believe it would be spelled 'De-Veined', client disagrees...

If JACK-FM thinks it is random, I have them beat like a six-year-old with A.D.D.

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