Monday, November 14, 2005

FOX scraps Arrested Development, angers writer

Those fucking bastard who wouldn't obviously know a good television sitcom if it won a couple Emmys and achieved critical acclaim proved ther unintelligence Friday as they pulled the plug on my favorite but rarely aired comedy, 'Arrested Development'.

Maybe it was the fault of the writing that this show usually pulled in only 5 million viewers. Maybe the network was to blame for moving it from its Sunday home to Monday night where it was up against CBS' stellar lineup of comedies which seem to be a better alternative than NFL games on ABC. Maybe the show was just too different for viewers. Maybe it was too smart for Americans to understand what with its lack of a laugh track the average NASCAR fan didn't know when to laugh.

Of course, the laugh track absent 'Arrested Development' seems to be a trend among sitcoms with the currently absent 'Scrubs', 'The Office' and 'My Name is Earl' all of which are on NBC following the tide of smart comedies which let viewers decide when to laugh.

It's too bad that all of the four listed seem to be on shaky ground as networks are quick to chop anything which doesn't draw stellar ratings but still give a full season order to 'Freddie'.

It's simple, the networks want money and 4-5 million viewers just don't generate enough money for those fuckheads at FOX which, through relations, employ both Bill O'Reilly and Sean Hannity as well as a staff producing and acting in a mindless sitcom starring Pamela Anderson. Not exactly Rhodes scholars.

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