Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Come, join my potato worshipping cult

Every now and then, I woner to myself "Where am I going?" This question usually pertains to my overall goals in life which have never been too clearly established. I am the type who doesn't have a 'plan' and hates structure and conformity with a passion.

I do, however, have goals. Here are some of them which have been tabled since they popped into my overactive head.

- Redesign my professional portfolio
- Create my own website
- Organize my home office by constructing a built-in desk and new shelves in the closet
- Fix the doors on our upstairs hallway closet (they don't exactly open easily by dragging relentlessly on the plush, luxurious carpet)
- Store the extra door and windows which are currently on my porch roof
- Venture more aggressively into the freelance design market
- Finish the designs for that radio station logo design contest

This may seem like a rather aggressive list or the most mundane compilation of goals since you were in the seventh grade, depending on your personal point of view. I have an impending fear that only two or three of these goals will be completed, and even that might take a couple decades with my wandering mind and perpensity towards taking on other tasks in the middle of something else.

It's always nice to have goals but it's even better to realize that some of them may very well never tome to fruition. Even more likely is the idea that I'll simply pack it all in, grow a unabomber beard, move to Idaho and start my very own cult where the members worship the cult-like curly fries found at Arby's and practice the art of sacrificing pygmy virgins with red hair and blue teeth.

Either way, it'll be an interesting ride.

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