Thursday, November 10, 2005

Christmas, sorry HOLIDAY SEASON, comes too soon again

Twelve commercials selling...

Yea, it's happened already. Hell, I think I saw the first one last week. Of course I am referring to the dreaded Christmas (or to be politically sensitive, Holiday) commerical. Wal-Mart seems to have been the first of the bog box discount retailers to jump the gun with their twanged up country-tinged Christmas ads which, I suppose, are the first efforts in their major re-imaging campaign to attempt to slay Target whose newest televised ad campaign focuses solely on Choxie.

For those of you holed up in a bunker twelve stories beneath the outer crust of Earth without a television, Choxie is chocolate with moxie. It's probably packed in some ultra-hip, brightly colored box that is suitable for an art exhibit or display in a lucite case at a design trade show. I can only hope to design something so modern and sheik in my lifetime. For now I settle for discount hair stylist chain Fantastic Sam's but I digress.

The second in the series of Wal-Mart's attempts to turn every last American citizen off to Christmas featured the girl group (complete with Beyonce Knowles' booty) Destiny's Child. I was under the impression that they had split up as a group but apparently the obscene amounts of money the giant retailer threw at them is enough to reunite, if only for a one-day-long commercial shoot.

Those two facts alone further sour me on an already over-commercialized holiday whose true meaning lies in, you guessed it, out-decorating your neighbors home.

And even those decorations, regardless of wattage and brightness, shall remain off until the day following Thanksgiving which is the official kickoff of the Christmas season.

Yes, my decorations are currently taking up residence in both my basement and that of my parents. There are just that many that each time we make a trip back to my parents' house, the car ends up full of things that have been left behind and need to come home with me.

The decorations aren't going to be put up any time soon, either. I first have te throw away the well-preserved jack-o-lanterns from ten days ago.

Yea, I am THAT guy.

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