Saturday, November 05, 2005

Cash back, from a credit card?

How could you ever go wrong?

In an era when everyone wants something for free and we all know nothing is free, I am always wary of something billed as free.

This leads to consumers blindly jumping, like a horny man on a fat woman, into any sort of agreement that promises any amount of free cash. Of course we all know that consumers are stupid. Just look at the parking lot of your local Wal-Mart store, can't miss them. But credit card customers, particularly, are the dumbest of all. Yeah, I know times are hard for everyone but putting a credit card payment for another card on yet another card is retarded. Same goes for groceries but you gots ta eat.

Credit card companies, rather than bill it as free money, call it 'rewards'. What a clever title. Discover is the snarkiest of all, though. They promise one percent cash back annually. Yea, that's right, a penny for every buck spent. Why, after a thousand bucks you'll have a crisp 10-spot in your pocket. Helluva deal.

Well, I am craftier than that. Knowing all too well that discover is taken in fewer places than slavery is legal, I went ofr an Visa. Shit yea. Twenty-five bucks back for every $2,500 spent. It's the same amount of 'rewards' in my pocket but I can buy more crap at Amazon with it. Alright. I am no better than the guy buying a Dipfuong TV at Wal-Mart because it coast a scant $99.

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